My artistic expression is inspired and sustained from the beauty and observation of truth that I feel in the intimate contact with nature and the non-human world. When I am alone in nature everything feels sacred. The natural world has the capacity to invite and awaken us human beings to come into a different reality. A reality that is beyond the predominant and confined reality that most people live in and that is based in separation, consumerism, exploitation and the ultimate destruction of the very planet that sustains us. Once we be become aware and realize our oneness with nature, ways of honoring, protecting and restoring Planet Earth and our natural environment arise naturally. To contribute to this process with my artistic practice and to communicate what emerges from these sacred encounters in nature is at the core of my artistic and spiritual practice. I feel a responsibility to dedicate my artistic practice towards this cause so we can continue to enjoy the beauty, inspiration and nourishment that the natural world provides, not only for our generation, but especially for our children and generations to come. In expressing this through artwork in mediums like sculpture, photography as well as in performance art, rituals and installations I do become a voice and channel for the non-human world and especially for trees. In essence, my art is an ongoing conversation, creative collaboration and love affair with nature.

-Marcus Maria Jung, July 2019

The sculptural work of Marcus Maria Jung embodies the ancient and sacred relationship between the human spirit and the natural world. Today, preserving the quality of the natural world has taken on an urgency of monumental proportion and forms a crucible for the human condition.

Jung’s work explores issue’s of environmental & social justice. Frequent themes include sacred geography & ecology, human rights and earth based ritual, indigenous wisdom traditions, and the role of ancient archetypes in the formation of human identity.

Jung’s sculpture and installations bridge the tradition of Land Art from the 1960-70’s, known in the works of Andy Goldsworthy, David Nash and Richard Long, with the spiritual consciousness of the 21st century. At the forefront of an emerging art movement defined by some as the Eco-Arts movement and by others Neo-Spiritualism, Marcus Maria Jung is part of a new wave of artists and creatives dedicated to healing the planet through artistic practices.
— Gianna Carotenuto, Ph.D., Professor of Art History